Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 2 Morality Compass

A morality compass is something special that anyone can appreciate and learn from. The points that I have chose for my morality compass are ideals that I feel are the most important to me in my life and how I've come to identify my sense of what's special in my life.
        Family is the most obvious and crucial point on my morality compass. My family is always there for me and I always try to do what's best for my family instead of doing what's best for my own self interests. We all become frustrated and sometimes even angry with our family at certain points in our lives, but family is the one thing you can always count on when your back is against the wall or you need support through difficult tragedies. Friends you have may come and go, but family is something you will always have in your life. My mother has always been supportive of whatever I have chosen to do with my life, whenever I needed to talk to someone my father always knows the exact right advice to give, and my brothers made me appreciate the personal items I had even if they were hand-me-downs.
       Speaking of family, the one thing my family has repeatedly teach me is to always have good karma on your side. The concept of karma is quite simple: performing good deeds is rewarded somewhere down the road. This could be anything like being treated well back or a stroke of good luck. Some people I've met in my life find this concept a somewhat silly and I can see why from their perspective, but it's something I feel really motivates me and other people around me to go about our daily lives with examplary attitudes, behavior, and respect for other people as well. Many people around me actually find this humorous, but the show "My Name is Earl" has the main character focused around the idea of karma because of some of the actions he performed early in his life that he believed resulted in bad karma caught up with him and made him lose his winning lottery ticket. Not a bad show at all.
        My next point is something that I take a lot of pride in despite recieving criticism from the people around me. Independence makes me feel like I don't have to depend on anyone to accomplish my goals and make decisions that I feel were my decisions alone regardless if they were poor or smart decisions. I learned early in my life that I didn't just want to do follow groups blindly or simply always go with the majority. Instead, I chose to make well thought out decisions and to pursure activities and interests that might not have always been seen as popular by other people, but still offered me a sense of self and independent choice and reason.
        Tied to independence is the final point of my morality compass. Creativity is something I praise whenever I witness it whether it's from and individual, movies, television, videogames, etc. It honestly pains me to see Holywood seem so uninspired with most of the movies that come out in a year. Rolling my eyes is simply something I can't resist when I see a group of kids praising a sports simulator which barely gives the customer any new content(here I am talking about video games in a blog, aren't I such a nerd?) or the next generic military shooter that also comes out every year with the same old formula. Making leaps in bounds to try and produce something that may seem a little odd to the general populace is something I always appreciate and continue to support to this day.
        These are the points of my morality compass and what I hold dearest to me. To anyone who reads this blog and does enjoy sports games and military shooter games, those games are absolutely fine and I'm not condemning anyone who likes those kinds of games, but I just feel after so many years of the same old thing it has become a quite predictable genre.

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