Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

China: The America of Asia

        The 20th century was no doubt dominated by the United States of America. With so many engineering, military, and cultural innovations throughout America's short history, many people today hold the U.S. as one of the greatest, if not the greatest nation of the world. If history is to repeat itself, America like so many other great civilizations will eventually fall and the torch will be passed onto a new developing super power. China's influence throughout the world is spreading with an astounding rate and looks to even surpass our nation.
        America has seen better days. With the economy in decline, people out of jobs, soldiers still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the politicians in Washington being as unpopular as ever, the U.S. isn't performing at full capacity as it always has. Bureaucracy halts progress to a standstill, only leaving workers and officials with headaches. Despite the many criticisms of the Chinese government's methods, when there is a project underway, It gets done. Fast. No red tape, no agreements, and no external factors to interfere with the workers and projects. For example, the high speed rail trains connecting China's coastal cities have only been built within the past four years. Despite China's authoritarian government being restrictive and harsh, you have to give credit to the rate of progress thats been taking place their over the past decade.
        The people of China have are as motivated as ever and look to take full advantage of the new opportunities presented to them by the Chinese Communist Party. It's quite ironic, the dream of becoming wealthy and westernization is spreading like wildfire in a country where the government still keeps a tight hold on the political arena. That is what the situation in China has ultimately come down to: the opportunity of wealth in exchange for the public to stay out of politics. For the majority of China's 1.3 billion population, they are content with this deal. Millions of Chinese far away from the coast have traveled to the coastal cities with the dream of earning their own wealth. China is truly becoming Asia's America.
        A growing concern for all nations in the world is the rising price and depleting source of oil and other limited resources. While we struggle to keep good relations in the Middle East, China has built close ties with countries with large quantities of oil that we refuse to do business with such as Iran and Sudan. The Chinese government simply doesn't care about their business partner's political position or global opinion. While our country frowns upon negotiating with oppressive regimes, we are in no position to pressure China to severe ties with these nations. Our debt to the Chinese reaches into the trillions with little to no thought of how to possibly pay that much money back.
        China is rapidly establishing itself as a key player in the world. Its size and economy requires it to consume massive amounts of raw materials and resources. Is America to become like Rome: an empire in decline? For the time being, It's China's world. We're just living in it.